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✅ Cuts editing time by 90%

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The BOLD & BRIGHT Signature

Lightroom Editing Toolkit

The Bold & Bright Signature Preset Toolkit gives you perfect colors, beautiful contrast, smooth skin tones, and a signature pop that sets your images apart from the rest. Achieve 30 second edits with our streamlined workflow system. If you are struggling with consistency, color correction, or spending too much time in front of the computer editing, these are your answer.

Supported Software: Adobe® Lightroom® 4 or later, Adobe® Camera Raw CS6 or later, Adobe® Lightroom®

Editing Toolkit Includes

  • The Signature BOLD & BRIGHT Base Layer Pack - Gives you commercial colors & cinematic definition to your images. Immediately level up your game, start charging more, and book high end clients. ** 2 Base Layers for Natural Light & Artificial Light**
  • The Signature LUXURY B&W Base Layer - Gives you magazine quality blacks and whites so you can produce images that are guaranteed to be "scroll-stoppers".
  • *NEW* 6 AI-Powered Masking Tools - Enhance backgrounds, make subjects pop, edit headshots with unmatched precision - these new AI-powered masking tools are game changers, and FREE with the trial download.
  • Over 65 Automatic Settings - Fine tune your images to perfection so you can get a jaw dropping, consistent look every single time.
  • Detailed Documentation - Easy to consume videos & breakdowns on how to easily set everything up so you can get up and running fast.
  • Professional Editing Workflow - Decrease your editing time by 90% with a speed optimized workflow that takes you from import to export. Spend less time in front of the computer and more time booking clients, or enjoying your life.
  • NEW Master Opacity Slider - Even more enhanced precision in your edits.
  • BONUS: Lightroom Shortcuts Guide - Easily learn & master all of Lightroom's speed enhancing shortcuts.

95+ sliders ➡️ 1 WORKFLOW

Transform your Lightroom editing experience with our revolutionary toolkit. Say goodbye to the overwhelming 95+ slider adjustments and hello to a streamlined, intuitive workflow. Achieve stunning results with ease, and unlock your true editing potential today.

frustrating guesswork ➡️ proven system

Time is money - Save yourself endless hours of watching Youtube videos, reading editing books, and trying to "figure out your editing style". High-end clients want true, vibrant, true-to-life colors, and a luxurious black-and-white. Unlock repeatable commercial-grade editing excellence with our streamlined workflow. Elevate your results, impress clients, and create magic every time.

cheap stylized presets ➡️ commercial-grade colors

The average photographer has endless folders of lightroom preset packs they've acquired over the years; many of them no different than IG filters. Stop wasting money & leave cheap, stylized presets behind. Upgrade to professional-grade editing with our Lightroom toolkit.


How did you come up with this system, are you a photographer?

Yes! I have been a photographer for more than 10 years. I was always obsessed with editing and spent years trying to find that "secret sauce" that made other people's images look so much better than mine. I consumed hundreds of hours of (and spent thousands of $$$ on) classes, online courses, videos, books, etc to fed my obsession about editing & color theory.

This preset toolpack and editing workflow is a result of that research. This package allows you to skip over all those years of frustration & research, and immediately have editing figured out. Shoot & deliver with confidence, book higher paying clients, spend 90% less time in front of the computer, and never worry about if your editing is "good enough" ever again. It is exclusively what I use now to edit all of my client images.

Can I use the presets on any type of images?

Of course! This preset pack and workflow work great, and have been used on, all types of client albums. Weddings, portraits, senior photos, restaurant menu photography, commercial branding, headshots, real estate, travel, blogging, etc. The limit is endless.

What should I set my White Balance at when using these presets?

If your lighting conditions will be consistent throughout the majority of your event, I highly recommend shooting in Kelvin. This saves you time editing because your white balance will be consistent across your entire album.

If you will be shooting an event with several different lighting situations in rapid succession, I would recommend shooting in Auto White Balance (AWB) mode. Modern camera sensors are technological marvels; don't be ashamed to use this to your advantage. I use AWB all the time.

Do I need to expose my images a certain way?

I would recommend exposing your image to ensure that your subject is properly exposed.

PROTIP: I would highly recommend using your camera's histogram display to judge your exposure. Your camera's LCD screen, more times than not, does not give you an accurate display of how your image will look on your computer, especially for exposure. Use the histogram to ensure you haven't clipped any blacks or whites. More information on this, and how to set it up, is in my email newsletter.

What type of light should I shoot in for these presets?

The best light you can find! This is true of any shooting situation; you do not have to shoot a certain way or find a certain quality of light in order to use these presets. Simply shoot as you normally would, look for beautiful light, and make sure your subject is exposed properly.

This toolkit has been tested thousands of times in natural light, off camera flash, indoor, outdoor, harsh light, soft light, etc.

What aperture should I shoot at?

Shoot at whatever aperture you want in order to get the exposure you need. You do not have to worry about selecting an aperture based on the presets, simply shoot as you normally would.

PROTIP: If you are looking for that creamy background blur and depth of field, you want to use the largest aperture you can (smallest number), decrease your distance to the subject, and use a longer focal length.

What software do I need to install the Preset & Editing Workflow?

The Signature System is compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4 or later, Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and Adobe Camera RAW for Photoshop.

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of downloadable products, all sales are final and we are unable to offer any refunds or returns on the purchase of our preset toolkit. Upon purchase, we include a video tutorial on how to use our products for the best results, an 8 page process & setup document, as well as email technical support.

If I lost my files, can I download them again?

Email support with your order number or email address used upon purchase and we would be happy to send you a re-freshed download link:

"Achieve 30 second edits with a commercial look, gorgeous colors, and a "pop" that will set you apart from the competition. This preset toolkit gives you style, consistency and class, with ease."