Post Wedding Portraits

benefits of a Post wedding bridal shoot

Location, Location, Location

Imagine your wedding photos in the location of your dreams. Did you have to compromise on your ceremony location? Did you have a location that is close to your heart, that you couldn't shoot at during your wedding? A post-wedding shoot allows you to allows you to craft your dream scenario and make it a reality.

Fun Wedding Adventure

All the positives of eloping with none of the negatives. Get that adventurous feeling while reliving the greatest day of your life.

Relax & Unwind

Let's face it, your wedding day is fast & furious. A post wedding bridal shoot allows you to relax and focus on what is truly important. You!

Hog the spotlight

Getting married is about you and your significant other. On your wedding day, you have to split your time between family, friends, colleagues, vendors, etc. A post wedding shoot lets you be a star. It's all eyes on you, and only you.

Insurance policy

Nervous about your bridal portrait experience? Location, weather, lighting, or any number of things can go awry on your wedding day. A post wedding shoot guarantees you a perfect portrait experience.

Wall Art Worthy

After the shoot, you will receive epic, breathtaking photos that you will be dying to hang on your wall. Imagine seeing yourselves immortalized in wall art, knowing that every aspect of those images (location, time of day, weather, etc) was of your creation.

More time in the day

Your wedding day flies by, and will be finished before you know it. Imagine if you had a couple extra hours in the day to just party, relax, talk to family/friends, and just enjoy your day. A post wedding shoot allows you to skip the day-of bridal portraits, and gives you that time back.

Superstar treatment

Feel like a celebrity for a day. During a post wedding shoot, you are the star. The entire process, from getting ready, to the shoot itself is an amazingly fun experience that will give you lifelong memories.